Our Association

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Gas Energy Australia is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a Board of Directors who are elected annually by our Advisory Council members. The Board draws on a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge to effectively represent all members in developing policies.

Through the national secretariat, State Branches, Technical Committees and Industry Task Forces operated by our members, the Association is focused on furthering the business and policy interests of all members.

The effective management of the association is undertaken in accordance with the Gas Energy Australia Constitution and Associate Alliance Deed. Each Branch and Committee operates in Accordance with (IAW) approved Terms of Reference and report to the Board’s nominee – the Chief Executive Officer.

The role and purpose of the Association is to:

  • Maximise the value and benefits of downstream gaseous fuels through the conduct of advocacy, promotion, and support to service, product and market development.
  • Support the conduct of advocacy, promotion and product development, by:
    • developing evidenced-based industry and technical policy, and conducting product feasibility and market demand studies, and related activities;
    •  increasing the harmonisation of national technical standards, regulations and product compliance requirements, stimulating research and innovation, and collecting co-ordinating and disseminating ideas, learnings and information – for this purpose;
    • communicating with the media, community and other key stakeholders on the value, benefits and application of gaseous fuels;
    • promoting closer relations and cordial co-operation in all sectors of the downstream gaseous fuels industry and related industries, associations and organisations;
    • co-operate with other associations or organisations whose objects are similar to those of the Association.
  • Provide Members and Associates with a formal ‘information and knowledge base and opportunities for learning and networking, in addition to a forum for the exchange of expertise, opinions and ideas within the gaseous fuels industries;
  • Manage the Association’s finances in accordance with accounting best practice and standards.