Australia’s first commercial LNG marine bunkering

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The peak body for the downstream gas industry has congratulated EVOL LNG and Woodside on completing the first commercial bunkering of cleaner, cheaper Australian LNG at a domestic port.

EVOL LNG recently announced it successfully refuelled Woodside’s state of the art offshore platform supply vessel, Siem Thiima, at King Bay Supply Base near Dampier on 23 January 2017 and then again at Fremantle Port on 19 February 2017.

“Now that we have cleaner, cheaper LNG available for ships in Western Australia, it will encourage ports in other states to offer bunkering for cleaner running LNG ships from all over the world. And with LNG producing significantly less emissions, it’s good for the Australian environment” Gas Energy Australia CEO John Griffiths said today.

“At the moment, most ships and vessels in Australian waters are running on diesel oil and bunker oil which are polluting our pristine Australian waters and air.”

“While comparable countries around the world are acting to cut both carbon and other pollutants, Australia runs the real risk of being the dumping ground for old technology clunkers.”

“The number of LNG-fuelled ships in operation around the word is increasing as more and more people demand cleaner fuel sources.”

“With continued investment from companies like EVOL LNG, Australia can use its abundant natural gas resources to lead the world in natural gas fuel technology.”

“We expect to see LNG bunkering facilities continue to expand across Australia, including on the east coast to support the new SeaRoad vessel Mersey II, which will start using LNG to fuel its operations between Victoria and Tasmania later this year.”

Gas Energy Australia’s 2030 Vision for Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels details steps Australian governments and industry can take to increase the role of gaseous fuels in Australia’s energy mix. Our 2030 Vision is available at

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