Board of Directors Meeting

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192th Board Meeting The Association will hold its AGM at 3.00 pm Tuesday 18 August 2015 at AGL Energy, 699 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria. The meeting, which is scheduled to finish at 5pm, will be followed by drinks and canapés. While Associates are invited and welcome to attend the AGM, please note that only paid Members are entitled to vote. In addition to the usual business, this year’s AGM will feature the following presentations.

  • ‘A 2030 Vision for natural gas fuels – CNG and LNG …’ – David Moore – Next Level Strategic Services
  • Task Force update – ‘Future direction – LPG …’ – Nic Hinson – Elgas
  • ‘LPG vehicle manufacturing in Australia …’ – Natalie Roberts – ABMARC

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