Cleaner, greener ship on way to Bass Strait

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The peak body for the downstream gas industry has welcomed the launch of SeaRoad’s LNG powered freight vessel for the Bass Strait, the first of its kind for Australia.

“This ship will be the first coastal ship in Australia to use cleaner, green LNG fuel technology and it is a $110 million investment in the future of Tasmania” Gas Energy Australia CEO John Griffiths said today.

“The vessel was launched in Germany and after several more months of completion work, will voyage to Australia in late October, before commencing a six-days-a-week overnight Bass Strait Service between Devonport and Melbourne in December.”

“Because all of the ship’s main engines are dual fuel, primarily burning LNG, it will produce significantly less emissions, be more efficient and use world leading technology to uphold the clean, green image Tasmania values.”

“Only gaseous fuels have both the quantity and technology capacity to significantly displace higher polluting diesel.”

“At the moment, most ships and vessels in Australia are running on diesel oil and bunker oil which are polluting our pristine Australian waters”

“While comparable countries around the world are acting on both carbon and other pollutants, Australia runs the real risk for being the dumping ground for old technology clunkers.”

“With government support and continued investment from companies like SeaRoad, Australia can use its abundant natural gas resources to lead the world in natural gas fuel technology.”

Gas Energy Australia’s 2030 Vision for Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels details steps Australian governments and industry can take to increase the role of gaseous fuels in Australia’s energy mix. Our 2030 Vision is available at

Media contact: John Griffiths 02 6176 3100

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