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Are conversions expensive?

The cost of an LPG Autogas conversion depends on the type of car that is being converted and the type of gas system that is best suited to it. Most conversions cost between $3000 and $4000.

Most people find that an LPG Autogas conversion quickly pays for itself through fuel savings. For example, a person driving 500 kilometres per week will save around $880 per year.

The Australian Government also offers grants for conversions through the LPG Vehicle Scheme. Grants of $1000 are available for the LPG conversion of registered cars, and grants of $2000 for the purchase of new factory fitted LPG-powered cars or the conversion of previously unregistered cars.

The Scheme ends on 30 June 2014.

Is LPG Autogas safe?

Yes, LPG Autogas is one of the safest fuels on the market. In Australia, the LPG Autogas industry is controlled by rigorous national standards and additional state regulations.

Autogas tanks and refueling infrastructure are inspected and tested on a regular basis to make sure they are in good working order.

Odorant is added as an extra precaution to help detect leaks should they occur.

One-way safety valves are fitted to refueling pumps to prevent spills when filling up your car.

Can any car be converted to LPG Autogas?

Most car makes and models can be converted to LPG Autogas. Contact a licensed installer to find out if your car is suitable for a conversion.

Can I put my car onto straight Autogas or does it have to be dual fuel (gas/petrol)?

Most installers recommend a dual fuel system to allow you more flexibility. By simply flicking a switch, you can change between running your car on LPG Autogas or unleaded petrol.

How much will I save in fuel costs?

LPG Autogas is around 60 per cent of the price of unleaded petrol. Therefore, a person who drives 500 kilometres per week will save around $880 per year.

Use the calculator on the left to find out how much you could save in fuel costs.

How green is LPG Autogas?

LPG Autogas produces 10 to 16 per cent less Green House Gas emissions than unleaded petrol and diesel, depending on the engine.

Will LPG Autogas affect my fuel consumption and vehicle’s performance?

While some LPG Autogas systems slightly increase a car’s fuel consumption, this is easily offset by the cheaper price of Autogas compared to petrol.

Current advanced Autogas vapour and liquid injection technologies now match, and often surpass, the power and drivability of petrol systems.

How often do I need gas services done after my car has been converted?

The first gas service is done at 1500 kilometres. From then on, it’s recommended that they are serviced at every 20,000 kilometres or yearly.

Is there a warranty on the new fuel system?

The new LPG Autogas fuel system comes under your installer’s warranty. Ask a qualified installer for more information.

Will LPG Autogas harm my engine?

No. Running your car on LPG Autogas can actually increase the life of your engine as it’s a clean burning fuel that doesn’t contain acids or leave carbon deposits behind.

Will an Autogas conversion affect the resale value of my car?

Converting your car to LPG Autogas could actually increase the value of your car, as Autogas reduces engine wear and tear. Motorists are also attracted by the fuel cost saving benefits that Autogas provides.

Will I lose a lot of boot space?

No. Modern LPG Autogas tanks are small and don’t take up a lot of room in the boot. And if you don’t want to lose any boot space at all, a donut style tank may be able to be fitted in your spare wheel well.

Where can I fill up with LPG Autogas?

LPG Autogas is available at more than 3,700 outlets throughout rural and metropolitan Australia. Click here to find a place to fill up near you.

How do I fill up my car?

Filling up with Autogas is similar to refueling your car with petrol. Simply connect the nozzle by turning the connector clockwise until it’s tight. Squeeze the trigger fully and hold or lock on the automatic catch. When you have finished re-fueling, squeeze the trigger and release. Disconnect the nozzle and replace in the bowser holder.

If you would like to learn more, click here to watch a short video about the basics of Autogas refueling. (Link to Darryl’s video).

How long does an LPG Autogas conversion usually take?

LPG Autogas conversions usually only take a day or two to complete.

Do all LPG Autogas conversion kits meet Australian standards?

No. That’s why it’s important that use a licensed qualified installer. They will make sure your car is fitted with an approved system that meets Australian standards.

To find out more about the different types of systems available, click on the logos below.

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