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How does it work?

An engine converted to run on LPG Autogas works the same way as a petrol engine, just with a different fuel. Everything about the car remains the same but a separate fuelling system is added with its own tank, piping, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and injectors.

LPG Autogas Fuel Systems

There are three main types of LPG Autogas fuel systems.

LPG Autogas tank

LPG Autogas tanks are much stronger and thicker than petrol tanks. They are fitted with safety devices such as overfill protection valves, and usually sit in the back of your boot.

There are five main types of tanks.

Filler valve

This is mounted on your car near the petrol filler. The one-way safety valves prevent spills and ensure refueling is safe and easy.

Engine components

These include Autogas injectors, fuel lines, vaporiser and Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

Fuel switch and gauge

As most LPG Autogas vehicles are dual fuel, they can switch between petrol and Autogas at a flick of a switch, which is normally located on the dash.