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Car 169 for the Variety Vic Bash 2016 is on the move again!

Last year, The Eildon Explorer, Car 169, successfully completed the Bash to Cooktown and in the process raised $20 000+
much-needed funds for Variety, the Children’s Charity.

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Frank is a photographer who drives regularly for his work and needs plenty of space for his camera gear. He bought an Autogas XR6 after an extended test drive of an Autogas car.

It makes great power and torque for a lower fuel cost so the choice was simple.With the Autogas XR6 I was looking at an average monthly fuel saving of more than $100.00. My insurance company also sent a surprise $49.00 policy refund due to the greater safety features and other benefits of the new car.

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Martin, Mauriza and their two sons all drive gas cars. Martin drives a 2009 Ford Pursuit Ute with Liquid Phase Injection and Mauriza drives a ’91 EB XR8 Sedan.

“I’ve been driving an Autogas vehicle for 25 years. The savings, environmental benefit and performance are all great. I have a V8 and 2 years ago It was costing me $120 per week to fill up. Now, driving the same distance, it costs me between $50-$55.”

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Tony has been driving Autogas cars for 15 years. He now drives a Ford Cortina with a 347 windsor engine V8 – an Australian made GasResearch system. He decided to switch because he wanted to save money each week when refuelling.

“It’s cheap to run and the motor loves it. I never have trouble with getting it started and because it’s so clean there’s less maintenance. I do car shows regularly and see other people spending ages cleaning out the parts. You don’t get that with gas. A few years ago my mate and I did a track course together. Same distance. At the end he refuelled and it cost him $70. It cost me $24. He was definitely jealous.”

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Ann and Frank have two cars that they run on Autogas – a Nissan Pulsar and a Holden Cruze. They use them for their daily activities including visits to the club, shopping, and visiting their family.

‘We’re very happy with it. We got a rebate from the government so it cost practically nothing. We’re also cautious about about polluting so we like that it’s better for the environment than petrol. It’s also really easy to fill up and stops automatically when its full.”

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