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Larry is a magazine publisher and motoring enthusiast who travels widely around the country by car for his work. He has three cars that run on Autogas, including a Ford Falcon Utility XR6 and two early 20th Century street-rods. He converted his first car 13 years ago.

“They drive beautifully. The clean engine and clean exhaust mean they need to be serviced less often, and one of my cars has done over 160,000km on Autogas. When I bought my gas ute our fuel bill for the month almost halved.”

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Peter lives just outside of Melbourne and commutes regularly to his office in the city. He drives a 2012 Holden Caprice, his first Autogas car. He’s been impressed by the outstanding driving experience and the incredible savings he’s made on fuel.

“My experience with Autogas is that it’s clean, easy, and unbelievable on the fuel efficiency. I’ve gone from spending around $120 fuelling my car each week to spending around $45, and I’ve noticed no difference in performance at all.”

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Allan is the editor of www.outbacktravelaustralia.com.au and travels widely on the road for work and play. He and his partner Keryn have been driving their Autogas Mitsubishi Magna for eight years.

“Our car averages about 11L per 100km, meaning we can travel around 500km before we need to refuel. Aside from regular servicing it’s needed no work on it at all and there are none of thecontamination issues that are common with other fuels. When the oil is drained every few months it comes out crystal clear!”

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Joeline works in the car sales industry and made the switch in to Autogas in 2008. She drives a VE Commodore 60th Anniversary Sedan.

“When I was expecting my second son, I started looking for ways to increase our family budget and switching to LPG Autogas seemed like a smart choice. It saves us money each week, is easy to refill and is a smooth and safe car I trust for my family. I now recommend it to other families like ours.”

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John is ‘mostly retired’ and drives a Ford BA 2 LTD. He started using Autogas about 12 years ago when he no longer wanted to pay high prices for fuel.

“I switched for the savings but have seen other benefits as well. It’s safe, cleaner than petrol, and drives really well. I trust it to get me from Point A to Point B, every day. I probably save around $2500 to $3000 each year because I’m on Autogas instead of another fuel.”

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