Diversity in lower emitting energy way forward for Finkel

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A submission to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the Electricity Market from Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, says extending ‘green schemes’ to all lower emitting technologies is key to reducing energy prices and delivering energy security.

Gas Energy Australia Chief Executive John Griffiths said the GEA Submission to the Finkel Review highlights the benefits of a diversified range of energy sources to securing our energy future in a cost-effective way.

“Our submission urges the Review to consider options to increase NEM security that lie outside of the NEM and not lock itself into particular NEM-based solutions – energy markets should be flexible and adaptive to accommodate changing technologies” Mr Griffiths said.

“All forms of energy, including gaseous fuels, must be examined on an equal footing. Gaseous fuels have an important role to play in the transition from the more traditional sources of electricity to the new environment of lower emissions.”

“We welcomed the comment earlier this year from Minister Frydenberg that “gas plays an important role as a transition fuel as we move to a lower emissions economy” and now we want to the see the Government take policy decisions to reflect that comment.”

“Recent South Australian experience has demonstrated the current limits to relying on renewable energy resources – no fuel other than gas has the capacity to displace existing technologies”

“Not only does gas have an essential role to play in emissions reduction, but it also has a role to play in reliably delivering power and goods to regional and remote areas. It makes no sense for Australia to be fully dependent on imported, dirtier and more expensive oil-based fuels for off-grid power generation and transport energy.”

“With recent electricity disruptions and shortages in South Australia and Tasmania, now is the time for governments to act to promote diversification into other energy sources.”

The full submission can found at http://gasenergyaustralia.asn.au/reports-and-submissions/industry-submissions/ and more information about the 2030 Vision for Cleaner, Cheaper Australian fuels is at www.cleanercheaperfuels.com.au.

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439 344 622

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