LPG Australia – Response to WA Government on Tethering of LP Gas Bottles – Domestic Installations

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LPG Australia requests that in relation to the recommendations at Reference A and the matter of ‘tethering of LP gas bottles’, the Western Australian Government – Energy Safety and the Gas Technical and Regulatory Committee (GTRC) adopt a broader consultative approach through the medium of the Standards Australia – Standards Review Committee for AS/NZS 5601.1.2010 (5601) Gas Installations, prior to the release of any form of regulatory direction or GTRC recommendation to the Standards Review Committee.

Following a review of Reference A and similar findings in the Victoria Bushfire Report, LPG Australia is unable to identify any community safety benefit to installing restraint devices for the purpose of ‘tethering of LP gas bottles’.

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Create DateJuly 31, 2013
Last UpdatedApril 1, 2015