GEA Conference scholarship opportunity

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AGIT Conference Scholarships Program 2022

The Australian Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) is sponsoring conference registrations for applicants from each Australian gas industry association to attend another association’s conference.

The aim is to improve knowledge and collaboration across each of the industry associations memberships.

Each industry association will be given one conference scholarship for each conference.

2022 Conference Schedule

Industry Association




16-18 March



16-19 May



26-27 May

Gold Coast


24-27 September



Recipients should be emerging leaders. They will need to be nominated by a senior manager or executive on the below nomination form.

Recipients will be given the opportunity to attend the ENA Conference in March 2022.

Recipients will be expected to participate in a lunchbox session with other recipient holders and deliver a 10-minute presentation on their learnings and experience.

How to nominate

Senior executive/managers are asked to nominate young emerging leaders who will benefit from attending a conference outside of their usual field of work. The nomination form is below.

As part of this nomination, applications are to submit a 1-page CV outlining their background, education and experience. They should also include a paragraph on professional goals.

The below nominations form must be returned to AGIT by Friday 11th February 2022.


Nominations will be assessed by a committee to ensure there is broad participation from all industry associations and a wide array of businesses are represented.


There may be travel costs associated with the conference attendance. Organisations should be willing to support their nomination by paying the costs for travel, accommodation and some meals.

Further information

If you would like further information or to discuss this event in more detail, please feel free to call Jen Thompson 0431 894 649 or email  

Nomination Form