Farewell and Thank You Vivien

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Dear GEA members and associates,

As some of you have heard, Vivien is leaving the GEA Secretariat after four years to take up the office manager position with Agsafe, a non-profit organisation which helps manage the safe use and disposal of agricultural chemicals.

For most members, Vivien has been the first voice heard when calling the Secretariat and is the one always quick to respond to emails and inquiries.

What many members may not realise is that Vivien has been the driver behind our website and online presence which has improved visitor and member access significantly over the last four years. The regular newsletter and Standards updates are all part of the key role Vivien has played in keeping members and the public informed about the latest gaseous fuels developments.

Vivien has also been the organising force behind our National Forums and in 2015 she was reluctantly centre stage at Brighton Le Sands with Anthony the Mind Reader where you could say “she nailed it”. The Association has been the beneficiary of her creativity, professionalism and dedication and we will miss her cheerful contribution as a great team player.

I am sure all members will join with me to thank Vivien for her outstanding contribution to the Association and the industry and wish her all the best in her future work with Agsafe.

Kind regards,

John Griffiths
Chief Executive Officer
Gas Energy Australia
27th April 2017

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