Four affordable measures so gaseous fuels can provide more clean reliable energy and protect local jobs

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Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, Gas Energy Australia (GEA), has called on all Parties and Independents at the upcoming Federal Election to commit to Australian gaseous fuels for cleaner, reliable energy and to protect and create more local jobs.

GEA’s 2019 Federal Election Statement urges the adoption of four basic and affordable measures that will provide cheaper, reliable energy for families and businesses, increase our liquid fuel security, reduce carbon emissions cost effectively and provide greater freight transport productivity.

Chief Executive John Griffiths said the Statement wasn’t about asking the next Federal Government to choose between gas or renewables – it was about making sure that the right energy and right technology co-existed to provide reliable, affordable and low emission energy to all Australian consumers.

“Families across Australia could save up to $600 per year on their electricity bills just by converting their existing electric hot water systems to gas. And more would make the switch if the next Federal Government made gas water heaters eligible for the same incentives as solar and heat pump water heaters,” said Mr Griffiths.

“The benefits of adopting this simple measure would not only reduce carbon emissions by up to 25 per cent compared to traditional fuels – but every day Australians could also save hundreds of dollars each and every year on their cost of living”.

Gaseous fuels can also deliver reliable, cleaner Australian power to regional, off-grid and edge-of-network areas. There is a strong economic and liquid fuel security case to explore the value and risk mitigation of distributed energy options – including LPG, LNG and CNG – in a country as large and regionalised as Australia.

“It is ridiculous that many of these regional, off-grid and edge-of-network communities are still dependent on imported diesel for power generation or they have unreliable network access when at the same time our oil stocks are inadequate,” Mr Griffiths said.

LPG and natural gas can do that localised generation job well – and over time – can also be used to shift a portion of Australia’s transport needs – including heavy road and marine transport – from diesel to gas using technology, often Australian developed, that is well established.

“Shifting just 10% of our fuel use to cleaner Australian fuels would help our balance of payments, reduce our fuel reserve requirements, be better for our local environment, create local jobs – and in the case of many remote and rural communities – would provide cleaner, more reliable Australian power options.

“That’s why we are calling on all Parties and Independents to adopt these four basic measures that form a package that will deliver cheaper, reliable energy for Australian families and businesses. They will also create more Australian jobs”.

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439 344 622

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