Gas can give Australia a cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy future

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More than 100 industry professionals will be heading to Gas Energy Australia’s 2018 National Forum on the
Gold Coast on 17/18 May 2018 ‐ to discuss how gaseous fuels can provide greater domestic fuel security,
reduce energy costs, support Australian jobs and are ‘tomorrow’s energy today’.

Gas Energy Australia (GEA) is Australia’s peak industry body for the downstream gaseous fuels industry, including
both fuel suppliers and a range of associated businesses for gaseous fuels such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Its Chief Executive John Griffiths, said the 2018 National Forum will be cutting‐edge and bring together
industry professionals, government policy makers and regulators, and independent experts to share
important insights and new learnings across a range of industry relevant issues.

“Gaseous fuels provide the only viable option to supply reliable, clean and affordable energy across a
country characterised by long distances, rugged terrain and extreme weather,” said Mr Griffiths.
“So we have issued a challenge to industry, policy makers and regulators alike to reduce barriers to gaseous
fuels achieving this objective.”

28 presenters will address the Forum, including Senator the Hon Matt Canavan (Commonwealth Minister
for Resources and Northern Australia), the Hon Ian Macfarlane (Chief Executive, Queensland Resources
Council), Mr James Purtill (Director General, Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and
Energy) and Mr Tony Wood (Energy Policy Director, Grattan Institute).

Mr Griffiths said that the current debate on Australia’s domestic fuel security, the recent blackouts in South
Australia and Victoria and the Tasmanian energy security crisis ‐ were clear examples of the need for
greater energy security and why lower polluting and readily‐available gas has an important role to play.
“GEA’s 2018 National Forum will bring together Commonwealth and State Governments, policy makers,
regulators and industry professionals – to discuss ways that we as a collective, can tackle these critical
issues head‐on.”

“Australian gaseous fuels are Australia’s natural advantage and have an important role to play in not only
improving energy and domestic fuel security ‐ but cutting energy costs for every day Australians, reducing
emissions and supporting both direct and indirect jobs in the industry and economy more broadly.

Further information on GEA’s 2018 National Forum, including a full program of events, can be found here.

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439 344 622

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