GEA backs call for Real World Driving Emissions Testing

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Gas Energy Australia (GEA), the peak body for the downstream gaseous fuels industry, strongly supports the call for real world driving emissions testing by the Australian Automotive Association (AAA).

The AAA’s call is supported by its recently released The Real World Driving Emissions Test Report which presents emissions and fuel consumption test results from 30 different passenger and light commercial vehicles.  The AAA Report compares real world driving test results with those obtained in laboratory test procedures. 

“The AAA’s results prove that there are significant discrepancies between emissions and fuel consumption measured in the laboratory and those achieved in the real world. These results show that poor results are commonplace and a growing issue.” Gas Energy Australia CEO John Griffiths said today.

“The information that car buyers are basing their purchasing decisions on is often misleading.  Many consumers are buying cars based on reported fuel consumption and emissions performance that are not going to be met during everyday driving.”

“GEA strongly encourages the Commonwealth Government to support a real world driving test program and considers it would be complementary to the work of its Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions and would not delay that program.”

Mr Griffiths welcomed the fact that the study included an LPG powered hybrid vehicle. He also noted that “it produced less noxious emissions than the average for the petrol and diesel vehicles tested”. 

Mr Griffiths added that “GEA would also like to see included in the real-world test information provided to consumers, the true running cost of vehicles or a running cost star rating system.  Running costs are big determinant of car purchasing decisions, and this information should be accurate and readily available.”

“At the end of the day, consumers should be provided with real world testing results and accurate running cost information so they can make informed decisions when purchasing their next vehicle.”

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439344622

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