New appointment to GEA Board of Directors: Louise Warner

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On behalf of the members of the GEA Board of Directors, I am pleased to advise of their recentdecision to appoint Louise Warner from Caltex Australia to the Board. 

Appointed as Caltex Australia’s Executive General Manager Fuels & Infrastructure in 2017, Louise Warner is responsible for managing the safe and reliable supply of high-quality fuels, lubricants andrelated services to Caltex’s valued customers across Australia and New Zealand.  The Fuels & Infrastructure business incorporates the wholesale commercial and operating functions for Caltex Australia including B2B Sales who serve large and small businesses across Australia, Ampol Trading & Shipping in Singapore, the Lytton refinery in Brisbane, Distribution assets (terminals, pipelines, depots, aviation) across Australia and Gull New Zealand.

While managing complex supply chains, Louise and her team are also exploring new ways to leverage Caltex’s expertise in the manufacturing and supply of fuels and how this experience can be applied to new and existing alternate fuels. Caltex’s vision is to be the market leader in the supply of transport fuels in Australia and this is supported by Caltex’s strong history in the supply of alternative fuels such as biofuels, LPG and CNG.

Louise holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) from the University of New South Wales.  Having joined Caltex Australia in 1999 as a process engineer at the Kurnell refinery she has worked in a range of project, supply and technical leadership roles across Caltex before gaining commercial and trading experience in London, Amsterdam and Nigeria through a secondment to Chevron in the UK.  Louise founded Caltex Australia’s first overseas operations, Ampol Singapore, which established the company’s regional trading and shipping capability.  On her return to Australia Louise has helped Caltex take the next steps to transform its business model, including the recent acquisition of Gull New Zealand and establishment of a strategic partnership with Seaoil in the Philippines.

In light of Louise’s work experience and the key role Caltex plays in the gaseous fuels industry, the GEA Board of Directors looks forward to her contribution to influencing the industry’s future growth and strategic direction.  
John Griffiths
Gas Energy Australia