GEA supports ALP’s plan to clean up Queensland islands

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Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, Gas Energy Australia, supports the need to shift Queensland’s offshore islands and resorts from dirty diesel to cleaner gas and renewable hybrids.

As part of the current Queensland election, Labor yesterday committed to convert some of Queensland’s offshore islands to cleaner fuels.

GEA’s Chief Executive John Griffiths said the ALP’s $1.73 million plan to develop business cases for solar, wind and gas generation on islands near the Great Barrier Reef would cut emissions but would only provide secure power if gas was part of the mix.

“Gaseous fuels like LPG, LNG and CNG are cleaner and are in abundance in Queensland and can deliver reliable power and goods to regional and remote areas,” said Mr Griffiths.

“The baseload power for these islands and remote communities currently relies on higher emitting and polluting diesel generators. Not only is diesel dirtier, but increasingly Australia is becoming dependent on foreign oil imports when there is a cleaner Australian alternative.

“Gas is the only currently viable alternative option for baseload power and in conjunction with renewables like solar and wind, these hybrid systems are ideal for off-grid power solutions.

“What many people don’t realise is gaseous fuels are also Great Barrier Reef friendly. Unlike oil based fuels which slick and sediment if spilled, gaseous fuels evaporate off if spilled.

“It’s crazy that Great Barrier Reef islands and resorts rely on diesel.

“Gaseous fuels also provide a flexible and rapid-response energy source for communities affected by natural disasters which are an all too familiar event in North and Far North Queensland.

“This investment is vital for these regions and would assist the island resorts by moving away from imported, dirtier oil-based fuels like diesel for off-grid power generation.

“Gaseous fuels provide more than just energy security, they also support Queensland jobs and a cleaner environment.  More broadly, they can also save Queenslanders money on their cost of living.

“GEA is now calling on all Parties and independents to adopt this same commitment and to recognise that only gas offers both a secure and cleaner baseload alternative for these off-grid sites,” Mr Griffiths said.

“Any incoming Queensland Government should adopt a truly technology neutral approach for procurement and provide the same assistance to low income families consuming gaseous fuels as they do for those consuming electricity, natural gas and solar.

”We look forward to working with the incoming Queensland Government to make innovative uses of clean gaseous fuels more available to Queenslanders.”

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439 344 622

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