Government’s new power plan welcome along with more distributed energy

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Gas Energy Australia, the peak body for the downstream gaseous fuels industry, welcomes the Government’s just announced National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

The new power plan, which will require retailers to meet standards for reliability and emissions reduction, will improve energy security, including affordability and reliability, as well as reduce emissions.

“Recent electricity price rises, disruptions and shortages in Australia have highlighted the need for governments to act decisively to restore energy security” Gas Energy Australia CEO John Griffiths said today.

“The best approach to securing Australia’s energy security is to diversify supply and increase the range of low emissions energy sources produced and readily available in Australia”. Because the NEG is technology neutral, it will enable all forms of energy to compete on a level playing field, resulting in better outcomes for consumers”.

Mr Griffiths added, “greater use of distributed energy resources outside the National Electricity Market (NEM) would in many instances increase the security of the NEM and reduce emissions at a lower cost than large-scale network based solutions, especially in regional and remote areas”.

“The main source of distributed energy in Australia by a long way is gas not solar panels or electricity storage batteries. Gas Energy Australia calls on all Australian Governments to remove barriers to the greater use of gaseous fuels such as Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a distributed energy source”.

Mr Griffiths said further “while we await further details of the Government’s power plan, the gaseous fuels industry stands ready and able to provide Australia with a reliable clean source of energy, today and into the future”.

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