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Martin, Mauriza and their two sons all drive gas cars. Martin drives a 2009 Ford Pursuit Ute with Liquid Phase Injection and Mauriza drives a ’91 EB XR8 Sedan.

“I’ve been driving an Autogas vehicle for 25 years. The savings, environmental benefit and performance are all great. I have a V8 and 2 years ago It was costing me $120 per week to fill up. Now, driving the same distance, it costs me between $50-$55.”
– Martin – Kings Park, NSW

“Savings is the number one benefit for me. Who wants to spend $100 on fuel each week when you could be spending $50? We’ve convinced a lot of people to switch, especially friends and family. People shouldn’t be worried about refilling either, it’s a little different: not hard or dangerous.”
– Mauriza – Kings Park, NSW