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Gas Energy Australia runs a dedicated media centre for journalists to access the latest information on LNG, CNG and LPG, the Association, its members and the latest news and information on the use of gaseous fuels in Australia.

Archives - 2018

GEA Talking Gas 20 December 2018

20 Dec 2018

Highlights  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone! Reminder applications still open for 2019 Ian Reynolds Gaseous Fuels Industry Scholarship GEA briefs Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure on LNG marine fuel developments New smartphone app will make it easier for motorists to find Autogas this summer GEA briefs Offices of the Prime Minister and the Minister… Read more »

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GEA Talking Gas 12 December 2018

13 Dec 2018

Highlights  GEA continues to work towards LPG leisure cylinder valve change GEA urges technology neutrality in review of Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Regulations GEA contributes to development of the National Freight and Supply Chain  GEA continues to seek to minimise impact of the Biosecurity Imports Levy View Newsletter Here

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Talking Gas 22 November

22 Nov 2018

Highlights  New vice chairman of the GEA board of directors: Ryan Willemsen-Bell GEA shows how gaseous fuels increase liquid fuel security First Ian Reynolds Gaseous Fuels Industry Scholarship awarded GEA responds to growing interest in LPG leisure cylinder valve change GEA 2018 Victorian Election Statement  GEA joins other industry groups in condemning new fuel tax… Read more »

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Talking Gas 30th October

31 Oct 2018

Highlights  GEA Workshop Shares Best Practice on Meeting Transport Chain of Responsibility Christmas Office Closure Hydrogen Looking For Standards Green Gas May Become the Australian Standard Energy Companies to Face the Wrath of Morrison’s Big Sick World’s First Decentralised Energy Exchange (DEX) Launches  Hydrogen Heats Up In Queensland View Newsletter Here

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Talking Gas 8 October

9 Oct 2018

Highlights  GEA Safe+Connect project centre stage at Standards Australia forum Thank You Andrew for an outstanding contribution GEA workshop to help industry get up to speed with heavy vehicle transport law changes Farewell and thank you Claudia Welcome Tahnee  GEA unites with other national gas industry associations to preserve the role of gas in Australian… Read more »

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