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Gas Energy Australia runs a dedicated media centre for journalists to access the latest information on LNG, CNG and LPG, the Association, its members and the latest news and information on the use of gaseous fuels in Australia.

April 2010 Newsletter

21 Apr 2010

In this issue: MYTH Electric heat pumps, which are included in the Renewable Energy Target (RET), are environmentally friendly. MYTH LPG is only used in taxis’ and BBQs. MYTH All fossil fuels emit high levels of greenhouse gasses. MYTH LPG and natural gas are the same. MYTH Australia will need to import larger volumes of… Read more »

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February 2010 Newsletter

21 Feb 2010

In this issue: LPG in our nation’s capital LPG Australia to establish a Standards Australia Bureau Log on Planning for now and the future Impact of proposed regulation on the LPG Industry Safety on the forecourt Calling all Installers Rewarding excellence GIA levelling the playing field Defining the Association’s value …. seeking your comments Latest… Read more »

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