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8 Jan 2019

Joining the chorus of experts concerned about Australia’s diminishing fuel security, Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, Gas Energy Australia (GEA), said that diversifying the fuels we use provides an affordable contribution to the problem of inadequate fuel reserves. “Vehicles, off-grid generators and industrial users can all use LPG and natural gas fuels with… Read more »

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16 Nov 2018

At a time when the Federal Government says its priority is to reduce the cost of energy, adding yet another tax to fuels like LPG would impose an extra cost burden on Australian families and businesses that would ultimately destroy jobs. Adding its voice to Australian manufacturers who say they were ambushed by the proposed… Read more »

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Gas Can Protect Victorian Manufacturing Jobs and Provide a Cleaner, Cheaper and More Secure Energy Future

7 Nov 2018

Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, Gas Energy Australia, has called on all Parties and Independents to commit to gaseous fuels – to preserve Victorian manufacturing jobs and provide a securer, cheaper and cleaner energy future for Victoria. GEA’s Victorian Election Statement urges preserving local manufacturing and industry jobs by providing supportive policy settings… Read more »

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Gas meets new vehicle emission standards affordably and now

1 Jun 2018

Gas Energy Australia (GEA) today stated that one of the simplest ways to dramatically reduce current vehicle emissions – as well as provide greater domestic fuel security – was to switch away from oil-based fuels to gas. GEA CEO John Griffiths said that Australia has well established and extensive gas vehicle refuelling infrastructure, has been a… Read more »

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Gas can give Australia a cleaner, cheaper and more secure energy future

16 May 2018

More than 100 industry professionals will be heading to Gas Energy Australia’s 2018 National Forum on the Gold Coast on 17/18 May 2018 ‐ to discuss how gaseous fuels can provide greater domestic fuel security, reduce energy costs, support Australian jobs and are ‘tomorrow’s energy today’. Gas Energy Australia (GEA) is Australia’s peak industry body… Read more »

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