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COAG should ensure cleaner Australian gas remains in the energy mix

19 Aug 2016

Australia’s peak body for the downstream gas industry urged the COAG Clean Energy Council to ensure cleaner, cheaper, Australian natural gas technology continues to be a part of the Australian energy mix.

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SAE-A Autogas Forum Opens up Discussion on the Future of Autogas Vehicles in Australia

16 Aug 2016

The Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia (SAE-A) welcomed industry colleagues to the Autogas Vehicle Market in Australia Forum on the 27th July 2016.

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Australia’s first LNG marine bunker approved

The peak body for the downstream gas industry has welcomed the announcement that, in an Australian first, EVOL LNG will bunker cleaner, cheaper Australian LNG at Fremantle Port.

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EVOL LNG tankers at Fremantle Port.

EVOL LNG to bunker LNG at Fremantle Port in Australian first

29 Jul 2016

Fremantle Port to become part of a growing global network of ports servicing LNG-fuelled ships. LNG is a cleaner alternative to marine diesel, emitting 25% less carbon dioxide, less nitrogen oxides, and almost no sulphur oxides. LNG vaporises in the event of spill, minimising adverse impact on marine life or waterways.

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Cleaner, greener ship on way to Bass Strait

12 Jul 2016

The peak body for the downstream gas industry has welcomed the launch of SeaRoad’s LNG powered freight vessel for the Bass Strait, the first of its kind for Australia.

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