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Technology can strengthen Australia’s gas advantage

23 Mar 2017

Technology can strengthen the role Australian gas plays in the diverse energy mix beyond 2030 as outlined in a new vision to be launched today by the gas industry.

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Diversity in lower emitting energy way forward for Finkel

14 Mar 2017

A submission to the Independent Review into the Future Security of the Electricity Market from Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, says extending ‘green schemes’ to all lower emitting technologies is key to reducing energy prices and delivering energy security.

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Australia’s first commercial LNG marine bunkering

3 Mar 2017

The peak body for the downstream gas industry has congratulated EVOL LNG and Woodside on completing the first commercial bunkering of cleaner, cheaper Australian LNG at a domestic port.

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Australian first with cleaner, greener ship of fuels

24 Feb 2017

Monday 20 February 2017, EVOL LNG First Australian commercial LNG bunkering completed in WA’s north-west on 23 January 2017 by EVOL LNG for Woodside First LNG bunkering at Fremantle Port completed on 19 February 2017 LNG is a cleaner alternative to marine diesel, emitting 25 per cent less carbon dioxide and leaving no residue in… Read more »

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Greater use of Australian gaseous fuels would deliver more control over our future and budget savings

24 Jan 2017

A Budget submission to the Turnbull Government from Australia’s peak body for downstream gaseous fuels, says these fuels can be part of the solution to deliver energy security, reduce emissions and support cleaner air while offering modest budget savings.

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