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Gas Energy Australia Media Release – Put more money in your wallet and less in the pump

2 Nov 2012

The well known proverb ‘you get what you pay for’ has been around for decades, pay more for a pair of shoes and they’ll last longer, a more expensive coat will get you through more winters and softer carpet will cost you more but feel a lot better underfoot than a cheap alternative. As is… Read more »

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Gas Energy Australia Media Release – Latest Research Predicts Rise in Autogas Usage

12 Oct 2012

Autogas is the most commonly used term to describe liquefied petroleum gas (LP Gas) which is used as an automotive transport fuel. It’s a term we should be familiarising ourselves with according to Gas Energy Australia. Read full media release here.

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Gas Energy Australia Media Release – Glamping in the great outdoors

11 Oct 2012

Warm weather is upon us and that means time to shake the dust off of our camping gear. But what if the very idea of camping sends a shiver of dread down your spine? Love the outdoors, but hate the dirt, the cold, the inconvenience of being away from home? Luckily, there’s a way to… Read more »

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LPG Australia MEDIA RELEASE – Over 1 million LPG consumers to benefit from carbon pricing changes

11 Jun 2012

Over 1 million LPG consumers to benefit from carbon pricing changes Over 1 million families and households around Australia welcomed the Federal Government’s announcement today of changes to its carbon pricing arrangements that will benefit consumers of LPG Homegas. LPG Homegas is used by Australian households for cooking, and space and hot water heating as… Read more »

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Increased Support for LPG and LNG to Transition to Carbon Pricing Mechanism – Media Release

Extract… Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury today announced transitional arrangements for the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) industries when the carbon price is applied to the non-transport use of these fuels in 2012-13. End extract To read full media release.

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