Gas 2015 Securing Australia's Energy Future

Speaker Bios

Dr Derek Ambrose


Dr Derek Ambrose specialises in Visionary Leadership, whilst being an innovative strategic leader who has achieved a world first in Visionary Leadership – Transformational Leadership theory and implementation in Australia. Derek is recognised internationally as a leader for leadership innovation and research in 57 countries and through 65 global institutions. He is an inspirational futurist and keynote speaker offering leaders, teams and their organisations powerful insights into leadership challenges resulting in cultural change. Derek specialises in cultural change and leadership program design resulting in improved leadership and sustainable workplace cultures.

Derek is an experienced public sector Chief Finance Officer possessing an extensive and impressive array of qualifications and fellowships. Derek is the designer of the Visionary Leadership Analysis ‘VLA’ tool for leadership behavioural benchmarking. Derek’s passion for visionary leadership and his success in changing organisations has been empirically tested, reported and acknowledged by his peers, his endorsements have been readily sought by Australian Universities.

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Ben Cirulis

Senior Project Officer, Markets and Finance
NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Ben Cirulis is a Senior Project Officer in the Energy Efficiency and Renewables Markets and Finance team at the NSW Office of Environment Heritage. A metallurgical engineer by training, he has transitioned from working on efficiency and improvement projects in the resource industry to become a specialist in carbon and energy efficiency policy and programs.  Ben leads the team delivering the Gas Efficiency Funding Program and developing the Energy Savings Scheme Rule to cover gas. When he is not in the office, he can often be found exploring the wilderness as a landscape and adventure photographer.

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Christine Cowie

Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Air quality and Health Research and Evaluation (CAR)

Christine Cowie is a Senior Research Fellow, specialising in air pollution epidemiology, with the UNSW South West Sydney Clinical School and the Centre for Air quality and Health Research and Evaluation (CAR) based at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (WIMR). Her research area is the study of health impacts associated with exposure to air pollution, with a special interest in the effects of traffic related air pollution. She previously taught environmental health at the University of Sydney in the Master of Public Health and worked in various policy positions for over ten years in the NSW Health Department’s Environmental Health Branch.

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Brad Evans

Commercial Manager
APA Group

Brad is a Commercial Manager in APA Group currently responsible for a number of APA’s unregulated “merchant” business units – including the LNG and CNG sales business.

Brad joined APA as one of the original six employees back in June of 2000, and has held prior roles as a Manager of Transmission pipelines and as Head of Commercial Product Delivery.

Prior to migrating to Australia, Brad was a natural gas trader for a major gas producer/aggregator in the Western North American gas market.

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Tony Fitzgerald

Managing Director
Westport Australia

Tony Fitzgerald has over 30 years of experience in technology commercialisation, automotive powertrain development and manufacturing. For the last 15 years of Tony’s career, he has worked extensively in the natural gas & LPG transport sector. Tony has held several senior positions including Managing Director of Orbital Auto Gas systems, Non Exec Director of Synerject LLC (a Continental AG Company) and is a former Director of the LPG Australia Industry Board. Currently, Tony is the Managing Director of Westport Australia.

Tony and his very capable teams have successfully engineered and introduced several gaseous fuelled products for organisations such as Ford, Holden Special vehicles, Tata Motors of India, Volvo Passenger Car & the Russian Gazprom group to name a few.

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