Next generation LPG Autogas vehicle facility opened in Melbourne

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Gas Energy Australia, the peak body for the downstream gaseous fuels industry, would like to congratulate Unigas, Prixcar and Sprint Gas on their joint initiative resulting in the opening of the LPG Autogas Centre of Excellence in Melbourne.

“It is a positive sign that the local Autogas industry is willing and able to meet the future needs of Australian fleet operators, after an ABMARC study identified demand for 160,000 new autogas vehicles between 2018 and 2025” Mr Griffiths said.

Mr Griffiths added “The new LPG Autogas Centre of Excellence will provide Australian fleet operators with direct access to a low-cost, high quality LPG installation service for new vehicles through port of entry or dealerships.”

“The new LPG Autogas Centre of Excellence supports fleet operators that want to take advantage of the abundant supply, cost and environmental benefits of LPG. GEA agrees that there is still a strong role for Autogas in Australia, and with ample local supply and national infrastructure in place, this cleaner fuel can provide strong fuel security and availability now and into the future” Mr Griffiths noted.

Mr Griffiths also congratulated the first fleet operator to take advantage of the new facility “GEA applauds 13CABS on its order for 100 new Toyota Camry Hybrid vehicles from petrol-electric to a tri-fuel system that uses LPG.”

Mr Griffiths further noted that “in-use testing and calculations by 13CABS has shown the Toyota Camry Hybrid with LPG produces fuel cost savings of up to 45 per cent, with a payback on conversion of just over six months. It is also encouraging that 13CABS calculated that switching to LPG reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 3.45 tonnes per vehicle.”

Mr Griffiths further added “the Autogas industry is providing an environmentally, economical option for Australian fleet operators. It is encouraging that the industry continues to evolve to meet the requirements of today’s environmentally conscious buyers.”

Media contact: John Griffiths 0439344622

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