Industry Reports

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New Car Retailing Industry - A Market Study by the ACCC

September 8, 2017
Gas Energy Australia (GEA) welcomes the opportunity to provide comments on the ACCC’s New Car Retailing Industry Market Study. ...
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Gas Vision 2050

March 23, 2017
Reliable, secure energy and cost-effective carbon reduction ...
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Department of the Environment - Preferred Design for Mandatory Reporting

December 20, 2016
Consultation on mandatory reporting of petroleum statistics ...
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Autogas Vehicle Demand Study Executive Summary

May 18, 2016
The Autogas Vehicle Demand Study is an analysis of the demand for light duty autogas vehicles (passenger, SUV and LCV) by fleet managers in the Australian market under a range of scenarios and will inform...
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The Vision for Stationary Energy Liquefied Petroleum Gas

March 31, 2016
This Vision document outlines the contributions that LPG makes to more than 5 million Australian household and business users, for household and water heating, recreational use or for powering industries...
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A 2030 Vision for Natural Gas Fuels - CNG and LNG

February 16, 2016
Australian natural gas fuels are not only cleaner, cheaper and healthier than diesel – they are the only feasible alternative for heavy transport. ...
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WLPGA - Autogas Incentive Policies

November 19, 2014
The newest version of the Autogas Incentive Policies document was released at the World Forum in Miami 2014! With global Autogas consumption rising rapidly in recent years (57% in the past decade), almost...
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LP Gas: Healthy Energy for a Changing World

August 1, 2013
Energy brings life to the world. Every person on this planet, wherever they live, depends every day on energy to feed and nurture their families, to provide heat and light, and to transport goods and...
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Technology Roadmap

August 1, 2013
The Automotive Australia 2020 project has developed this technology roadmap for the Australian automotive industry with the vision of a sustainable and profitable industry through 2020 and beyond. ...
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India's autogas growth looks certain

August 1, 2013
A case study conducted on India's economical growth and how they are looking to LPG to fuel their country. ...
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