Industry Submissions

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Gas Energy Australia and VACC – Submission to the Productivity Commission

December 3, 2013
Gas Energy Australia and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (GEA-VACC)are pleased to present our joint submission to the Productivity Commission’s Review into the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. The...
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Emission Reduction Fund Submission

November 19, 2013
Gas Energy Australia considers the Commonwealth Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) represents a significant opportunity for industry and government to work together to address climate change...
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Submission to National Transport Commission - Heavy Vehicle Compliance Review

November 5, 2013
Gas Energy Australia appreciates the opportunity to make a submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on the Heavy Vehicle Compliance Review – Consultation Draft September 2013 (HVCR – Consultation). Gas...
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Submission to the Federal Department of the Environment on the Repeal of the Carbon Tax

November 4, 2013
Gas Energy Australia is pleased to make a submission responding to the Federal Department of the Environment’s Repeal of the Carbon Tax Exposure Draft Legislation and Consultation Paper, dated October...
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Gas Energy Australia - Submission - National Measurement Institute R81 - Dynamic Measuring Devices and Systems for Cryogenic Liquids

September 20, 2013
Gas Energy Australia members and associates have a significant interest in the measurement the cryogenic liquid LNG with the bulk transfer of product and also  in the measurement of prodocut at automotive...
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Gas Energy Australia: Submission to South Australia DMITRE Water Heater Review

September 15, 2013
Gas Energy Australia commends DMITRE's efforts to present comparisions of water heater costs and emissions and welcome the Directors Paper's acknowledgement that the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry...
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Gas Energy Australia: NTC Road and Vehicle Rules Review Submission

September 10, 2013
Greater use of alternative gaseous transport fuels would deliver a cleaner environment, including increased greenhouse gas (GHG) abatement. In 2010, Gas Energy Australia commissioned research by Rare Consulting...
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Gas Energy Australia 2013 – 2014 Budget Submission

August 27, 2013
Analysis of the economic impacts of the four budget initiatives presented in this paper commissioned by Gas Energy Australia (GEA) suggests that they would deliver a significant upswing in gas vehicle...
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GEA- VACC - Building a viable LPG industry in Australia to 2020 - A Framework for moving forward

August 10, 2013
The LPG vehicle industry is arguably in the midst of its worst ever decline on record, with annual growth in the Australian LPG fleet (i.e. LPG conversions and new LPG vehicle sales) recently falling below...
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Submission to NSW Fair Trading - Proposed Fair Trading Regulation 2012 and information on LPG availability

July 31, 2013
I am writing to you concerning the proposed Fair Trading Regulation 2012, in particular draft Division 3 dealing with fuel price signs which is planned to commence on 1 September 2012. End extract ...
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