Industry Submissions

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Submission - to Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) on Consumers and Fuel Price Boards

July 31, 2013
This Submission will focus on the possible impact of the Options canvassed in CAANZ’s Consultation Paper on LPG used for transport (i.e. Autogas). End extract ...
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Review of LPG (Autogas) Fuel Quality Standard

July 31, 2013
The purpose of this Submission is to record the responses of LPG Australia Fuel Quality Standards Technical Committee to the Discussion Paper presented by the Federal Government Department of Environment,...
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Submission to the Federal Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism - Public Discussion Paper on a Mandatory Petroleum Data Reporting Regime

July 30, 2013
This submission reiterates the Association’s support for mandatory petroleum data reporting which it indicated in its submission responding to the Government’s Draft Energy White Paper (DEWP) at Reference...
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Submission - To National Transport Commission, Proposed Changes to Australian Dangerous Goods Code

March 2, 2013
Gas Energy Australia recommends that ADG7 be amended to reflect good engineering practice adopted within current Australian Standards AS/NZS1596, and to clearly reflect that the scope of the code does...
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