Industry Submissions

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Submission to the Department of the Treasury on 2016-17 Budget Submission

February 5, 2016
This submission highlights an opportunity for the Government to improve Australia's economic, environment and health outcomes. The measures proposed in it would reduce the budget deficit if implemented...
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Letter to GTRC on proposed changes to the Gas Appliance and Component Certification

February 2, 2016
Comments on the review of the proposed Rules for Gas Appliance and Component Certification and the Assessment Criteria for the Recognition of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) currently being undertaken...
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Input to Productivity Commission on Disruptive Technologies

February 1, 2016
Gas Energy Australia is pleased to provide input on the Disruptive Technologies research project by the Productivity Commission. We consider this project to be a positive step for informing the Government...
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Letter to ATO on Digital by Default

January 22, 2016
This submission, Gas Energy Australia supports greater digital interaction with the ATO including electronic lodgement of fuel excise returns (ie moving away from faxing and the element of uncertainty...
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Submission to NSW Department of Industry on Energy Savings Scheme

December 4, 2015
This submission commented on features of the ESS such as the fuels and activities eligible for ESS certificates, conversion factors for gas and electricity savings and special arrangements for regional and/or...
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Letter to ATO on Excise Future Experience Priorities

December 3, 2015
Feedback on the ATO’s proposed excise future experience priorities ...
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Submission to ABCB on on inclusion of gas fitting into the National Construction Code

October 6, 2015
Gas Energy Australia responded the Australian Building Code Board (ABCB) consideration of whether the technical requirements for on-site gas fitting should in future be regulated under the National Construction...
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Submission to the Department of the Environment on Independent Review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000

July 24, 2015
In this submission, Gas Energy Australia supports the current Fuel Quality Act and Regulation and recommends retaining the existing regulatory framework. ...
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