Industry Submissions

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Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels 2018-19 Pre-Budget Submission

December 14, 2017
Consistent with its 2020 Vision for cleaner, cheaper Australian fuels and contributing to the national obligation to cost effectively reduce emissions and improve air quality as well as support energy...
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Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism -

July 31, 2013
Strategic Framework for Alternative Transport Fuels establishes a long term strategic framework for the market development of alternative transport fuels in Australia in the context of maintaining Australia’s...
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Draft Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Roads & Rail Edition 7.6 2018

February 5, 2018
Gas Energy Australia (GEA) appreciates the opportunity to respond to the National Transport Commission (NTC) Draft Australian Code for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road & Rail Edition 7.6, 2018...
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E3 Hot Water Systems Project

February 4, 2019
GEA comments on the E3 Hot Water Systems project ...
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Emission Reduction Fund Submission

November 19, 2013
Gas Energy Australia considers the Commonwealth Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) represents a significant opportunity for industry and government to work together to address climate change...
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Federal Budget Submission 2011-12

July 31, 2013
Australia Supporting a Green Transitional and Affordable Alternative Fuel - the case for LPG ...
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Future COAG Regulatory Reform Agenda Consultation Paper

July 31, 2013
LPG Australia appreciates the opportunity to make a submission in response to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Business Regulation and Competition Working Group’s (BRCWG’s) Future COAG...
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Gas Energy Australia - Letter NSW OFT - Approved forms under the Gas Supply (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2012

July 31, 2013
Gas Energy Australia received Mr Tansey's email entitle- Approved forms under the Gas Supply (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2012 date 27 June 2013, and the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposal...
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Gas Energy Australia - Pitt&Sherry Harmonisation Report – Turning up the heat

February 19, 2015
This report provides a brief overview of how the regulatory environment affects the downstream gaseous fuels industry. It highlights the scale of costs and wasted effort that unnecessary, poorly harmonised...
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Gas Energy Australia - Submission - National Measurement Institute R81 - Dynamic Measuring Devices and Systems for Cryogenic Liquids

September 20, 2013
Gas Energy Australia members and associates have a significant interest in the measurement the cryogenic liquid LNG with the bulk transfer of product and also  in the measurement of prodocut at automotive...
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