Standards Management Committee

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Standard Development Work Plan

Committee Representatives

National Standards Listing

Further Information

Outline The review, development and deployment of national standards forms an essential platform on which the downstream LNG, CNG and LPG industries maintain and continually develop safe and compliant product, equipment and work practices, thereby ensuring public and industry safety.

Gas Energy Australia has established the Standard Management Committee (SMC) as the principal management committee for national standards that relate to the LNG, CNG and LPG industries.

The SMC’s principal role outlined in the Standards Management Committee Terms of Reference is to provide direct and immediate support to the development of industry international and national standards, national fuel standards, state authority and industry regulations, and energy and transport industry codes of practice.

The SMC is chaired by the secretariat and develops,  manages, directs and resources projects  which are identified by the respective standing technical committee; Safety, Standards and Technical Committee, Fuel Quality Standards Committee, Transportation Committee, Automotive Equipment Supply Committee, or the Secretariat, as being relevant to and benefiting from industry involvement.

While its primary engagement is with Standards Australia, the SMC also works with other stakeholders including National, State and Territory Regulators and Authorities, to deliver outcomes in public and industry safety.

The identification and allocation of priority to standards development is undertaken by the SMC and approved by the Secretariat, with input from the relevant technical committee.

Representatives from the Members and Associates of Gas Energy Australia appointed to the SMC by the Secretariat are:

Chairman: Mr Darryl Ramm, Gas Energy Australia


Kevin Peakman, BOC

Garry Whitfield, BP

David Collins, CEM International

Derek Fekete, Intelligas

Bruce Pollock, Kleenheat Gas

Mark Anderson, McAleese Group

Gary Williams, Origin Energy

John Griffiths, Gas Energy Australia

Carol Foster, Gas Energy Australia

Standard Management Committee





Standards Development Work Plan

The current National Standards Development – Work Plan is developed by the SMC and is subject to approval by the Secretariat. An extract of the work plan may be accessed via the Link.

Committee Representatives

Current listing of all members and associates, who are nominated by the SMC and approved by the Secretariat to represent Gas Energy Australia on a Standards Committee. An extract of current nominations and their respective committees can be accessed via the Link.

National Standards – Listing

A complete list of current Australian Standards are avaliable online for purchase through SAI Global.

Further Information

For members and associates seeking further information on National Standards or the SMC, please contact the Gas Energy Australia Secretariat.