Thank you Andrew for an outstanding contribution

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Dear GEA Members and Associates

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Andrew Bills will be leaving Origin Energy.  I am happy that Andrew will be furthering his career to take up a CEO role in the energy industry but sad that as a result, he will be stepping down from his current position as Vice Chairman of the GEA Board of Directors. 

Andrew joined the GEA Board of Directors in 2014 and served as Chairman from 2016 to 2018. In both his roles with GEA and as the General Manager LPG and HSE at Origin Energy, Andrews has made an outstanding contribution to the development and growth of the gaseous fuels industry. Andrew has led, encouraged and drove people to make the industry better than it was, most notably in relation to improved workplace and product safety. Andrew’s strong commitment to safety was especially evident in his leadership and contribution to the Safe+Connect project tomaximise the safety of the LPG leisure cylinders and the development of an industry transport safety strategy and action plan to ensure gas is transported safely. 

Andrew has also been an energetic and passionate advocate of the Association’s work to external stakeholders as well as current and prospective members and associates. I know the Secretariat also greatly appreciated his guidance and support during his time as Chairman.
Finally, on behalf of the Association’s members and associates, I wish to thank Andrew for his outstanding contribution to the gaseous fuels industry over recent years. His leadership, energyand commitment to our industry will be missed and we wish him the very best of luck and success in all his future endeavors.
Anthony Gilbert
Chairman of the GEA Board of Directors